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The Cochrane Schizophrenia Group (CSzG) was formed in 1994. The CSzG’s editorial base is located in Nottingham (UK). Our editors are based in Brazil, China, Finland, Germany, India, the USA, as well as the UK, and our reviewers are based all over the world. The CSzG’s editorial base is affiliated with The University of Nottingham's School of Medicine and, within that, the Division of Psychiatry and Applied Psychology. It also forms part of the Institute of Mental Health.

The CSzG is concerned with the evaluation of the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of people with non-affective, functional, psychotic illnesses. The treatment of those with schizophrenia is a major focus of the Group but it is also concerned with the care of those suffering from unspecified 'chronic/severe' mental illnesses and non-organic, schizophrenia-like conditions fall under the Group's umbrella. In addition, the evaluation of care of those with the primary diagnosis of schizophrenia compounded by depression, substance misuse or specific problematic behaviours such as fire setting or aggression is relevant to this Group. Finally, evaluating the management of problems associated with interventions for schizophrenia or chronic/severe mental illnesses, such as the adverse effects of medication, is also within the Cochrane Schizophrenia Group's scope.

The CSzG work focuses on two main areas. The first is the preparation, publication and maintenance of systematic reviews of the effects of interventions for schizophrenia – although we are now also undertaking reviews of diagnostic test accuracy. These reviews are published monthly on The Cochrane Library, and are updated periodically to incorporate new research – or valid criticism. The second is the development and maintenance of a specialised register of trials relevant to the scope of the Group’s work.

This website is relevant to clinicians, researchers, and informational professionals interested in systematic reviewing and searching. Some information may also be of interest to people with serious mental illness or their carers. The information on the CSzG website is not meant to replace the advice of a health professional.

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