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The links below should contain all of the relevant documents that an author will require to get started with the Cochrane Schizophrenia Group.  If you would like to recommend additional resources and free software that you have used please get in touch with angelique.bodart@nottingham.ac.uk.  For more information about resources available to reviewers, please contact              Claire.Irving@nottingham.ac.uk


Review Manager (RevMan) is the software used for preparing and maintaining Cochrane Reviews.

You can use RevMan for protocols and full reviews. It is most useful when you have formulated the question for the review, and allows you to prepare the text, build the tables showing the characteristics of studies and the comparisons in the review, and add study data. It can perform meta-analyses and present the results graphically.

RevMan - download for free (28.5MB)

RevMan HAL is a free open-source aid for Review Manager 5

Plot digitizer - free software for data extraction when only plots available

Here are a selection of online software that can be used when raw data isn't available.  They provide accurate extraction of raw data from pictures of plots (both linear and logarithmic).

Plot digitizer http://plotdigitizer.sourceforge.net/

xyExtract http://xyextract-graph-digitizer.soft32.com/

Enguage http://digitizer.sourceforge.net/

WebPlotDigitizer (web-based, no installation required) http://arohatgi.info/WebPlotDigitizer/

G3data (open-source Java-based tool) https://github.com/pn2200/g3data


Quickstart guide for Archie and RevMan

Risk of Bias assessment tool

Data extraction form

Information for authors & researchers

Resources for handsearchers


Online Tutorials

RevMan - step-by-step guide

More RevMan tutorials

GRADE Pro - a 60min presentation on the 5 assessment critria, by Prof Holger Schunemann


Examples and Guidelines For Reviewers

CSG Review Style Guidelines

CSG Model Review - Aripiprazole For Schizophrenia

Study Based Registers - A Brief Introduction

Setting Up and Maintaining a Study Based Register

Cochrane Schizophrenia Group Translation network

Cochrane Newcomers Guide

Cochrane Collaboration Web Page

Cochrane Handbook for Systematic Reviews of Interventions (formerly the Reviewers' Handbook)

Cochrane Library Web Page 

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